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We serve the people

Established in 2004, Radisson Group Limited has grown-up in Dhaka from the days of the Radisson Trade International’s and Radisson Technologies. At this instant RADISSON GROUP under the well- known leadership of Mr. Delowar Hossain Faruk, Chairman of the company.

Radisson Group is a Bangladeshi developed conglomerate. Within the five major companies under this group include IT & Security Solution, ISP solution, Call Center, Software Development, E-Commerce, Out Sourcing, Advertising Agency, Newspapers, Education, Real Estate, Interior Design, Network Marketing, international trading, distributorship and production of various items and already attained significance in the business arena of Bangladesh.

Visions of Radisson Group are to highlight the quality of products, processes and services, foremost to expansion of the company imbued with good governance. We are happy only when we see an enchanted customer smile.